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Home Lift in Indonesia
Home Elevator: 400kgs, 0.4 m/s, 4/4/4, Floor Name: G,1,2,3
Home Lift in Myanmar
320 kgs 4 stops & 4 openings ,Belt Machine , Gearless Traction Machine, AC 22 0V 3-Phase 50Hz(Mona Brand)
Yemen Home Lift
Home Elevator: 320kgs, 0.4 m/s, 3/3/3, Floor Name: G,1,2 Machine Room Less Roping: 2:1. Shaft size: (W): 1900(W) x 1150(D) mm. Overhead:3350mm Pit: 500mm.Floor Distance :G 4900M...
IPD Muallim 2 units MRL
Passenger Elevator: 1600kgs, 1.0 m/s, 4/4/4, Floor Name: G,1,2,3 Machine Room Less,Roping: 2:1. Duplex Mode Shaft Size: 2900 MM(WIDTH) *2950MM (DEPTH). Overhead:5750mm Pit:2000mm...
Office building at Jafza
Passenger Elevator: 1000kgs, 1 m/s, 4/4/4, Floor Name: B,G,1,R Machine Room Less Roping: 2:1. Shaft size: (W): 2200(W) x 2200(D) mm. Overhead:3800mm Pit:1500mm.Floor Distance :3...
Galadari in Dubai
Passenger Elevator: 450kgs, 1.0 m/s, 6/6/6, Floor Name: B,G,1,2,3,4 Machine Room Roping: 2:1.Duplex Mode
DREC Oman Hatta road Palace in Dubai
Passenger Elevator: 450kgs, 0.63 m/s, 4/4/4, Floor Name: G,1,2,3 Machine Room Less Roping: 2:1. Shaft size: (W): 2000(W) x 2000(D) mm. Overhead:3990mm Pit:1370mm.Floor Distance :...
Trust Bank Project-Sourth Africa
15 KW Monarch Controller Matched with New Machine, Machine Room , AC 380V 3PH,1000KG,13 Persons Speed:1.5 M/S.
Rak Tower in Dubai Modernization
22 KW.3PH,380V,Machine Room ,21 Stops ,2.5m/s,See Parameter ,No Brake Holding Voltage,DC 55V.Load 800 KGS ,NO UCMP Function.
Anker Office in South Africa
We specializes in elevator upgrades and modernization. Whether you're looking to make a few cosmetic changes or you want to completely strip out and replace the elevator interior a...
KONE Motor Modernization in Kuwait
The organic room has no special requirements for the control cabinet. The control cabinet is placed in the machine room. The machine room can be replaced with a non-standard contr...
Dumbwaiter in Dubia
Dumbwaiter in Dubia Project . Dumbwaiter Elevator.PLC Controller ,Power :380V/ 3ph, 50 Hz,100KG,0.4M/S,2/2/2,Traveling distance:4000mm,Floor height:1st: 4000mm,Overhead:3750mm Ca...
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