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Moving Walkway

A moving walkway, also known as a moving sidewalk, travelator, or autowalk, is a horizontal conveyor transport device typically used to people over short to medium distances, such as in airports, shopping malls, and train stations. It consists of a flat,

  In the public traffic & transport occasions such as the gorgeous modern metropolis;the large-size super-market;the public construction; the airport; the exhibition center; the transport change-over and so forth, autowalk not only solves the transport problems of huge flow of people.What is more,after the people have the long-distance walk,or they are delivering the luggage barrow;baby cart; shopping vehicle;handicapped vehicle etc; as they are up and down the elevators, at that time they just feel as comfortable as they are walking on the level ground. It is greatly convenient for the people to go out shopping.Its easy,prompt and pleasant riding requirements result in the first-choice solution in various big supermarkets,the airports, the exhibition centers,the transport stations.

  Advantageous performances of moving walk:

1.Compact structure, ease strain: Short pallets can greatly reduce span space, which can flexibly fits the building structure and save the construction space for customers;

2.Colorful decoration: Various styled handrail can meet personal demand in different environments. Beautiful stainless steel floor plate has a three-dimension effect. Inner and outer decking adopts stainless steel with high quality;

3.Incomparable economical: The moving walk fully utilizes advanced manufacturing process, greatly improves product performance and service life, the most direct result is that the operation cost of the customer is reduced. The optional VVVF drive technology yields great energy-saving, reducing the running cost to the maximum.


Step/Pallet:Stainless steel

Handrail:black rubber

Balustrade:Tempered glass

Skirting panel:Hairline 

Interior Profile:Hairline 

Balustrade decking:Hairline 

Floor plate:Hairline 

Handrail profile:Hairline 

Truss:Welded mild steel 

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