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Car Elevator

Product Type: Car Elevator
Target Markets: 4s car shop, car shop, shopping malls.
Car Elevator is an expert in vertical transportation of automobiles. We have extensive knowledge and experience in all types of Automobile Elevators, Freight Elevators.

  Car elevator

    A car elevator, also known as an automobile elevator, is a type of elevator designed to transport vehicles between different floors of a building. This type of elevator is commonly used in parking garages, car dealerships, and car showrooms to efficiently move vehicles to different levels. Car elevators can be installed both indoors and outdoors and are equipped with robust features to safely lift and lower cars. They are a convenient and space-saving solution for vertical transportation of vehicles in various commercial and residential settings

Control System: VVVF

Traction Machine: Geared 

Door Machine: VVVF inverter door machine

Rated Load (kg): 3000-5000

Rated speed (m/s): 0.25/0.5

Door Open: Double break open the door / Double-sided open the door 

Ceiling:Superior painted steel plate(optional color)

Car wall:Superior painted steel plate(optional color)

Car door:Superior painted steel plate(optional color)

Floor:Curved lined steel

Contact information:

Factory Add: No.88 Changjiang Road, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, China.215211


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