Elevator Controller

Elevator Controller

Controller manufactures products used as components in a wide variety of industrial systems and equipment.
• Drive:  L1000-Series Drive
• BCD: Binary Coded Decimal
• H: Hexidecimal Number Format
• IGBT: Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor
• kbps: Kilobits per Second
• MAC: Media Access Control
• Mbps: Megabits per Second
• PG: Pulse Generator
• r/min: Revolutions per Minute
• V/f: V/f Control
• OLV: Open Loop Vector Control
• CLV: Closed Loop Vector Control
• CLV/PM: Closed Loop Vector Control for PM
• PM motor: Permanent Magnet Synchronous motor (an abbreviation for IPM motor or SPM motor)
• IPM motor: Interior Permanent Magnet Motor (e.g., SSR1 Series and SST4 Series motors)
• SPM motor: Surface mounted Permanent Magnet Motor (e.g.,  SMRA Series motors)     
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