Elevator Controller Cabinet

Elevator Control Cabinet/Nice3000+/MR

Product Name : Elevator Control Cabinet/Nice3000+/MR
NICE3000new is a new-generation integrated elevator controller independently.

 Technical data:

1.integrated controller communication mode serial/parallel selective.

2.outer singal communication connects with AMP connector/terminal.

3.Max.serial communication:40 floors, 8m/s speed, 8-lift group control.

4.Max.parallel communication:8 floors, 1m/s, single lift. multiple floor display modes are available for your selection.

5.power ranges from 2.2KW to 30KW.

Elevator control cabinet,elevator controller

♦Small machine room lift control cabinet

♦Machine roomless lift control cabinet

♦Standard control cabinet

♦Traction type home lift control cabinet

♦Integrated escalator control cabinet

♦Four-quadart integrated control cabinet

♦Universal box of escalator energy-saving

♦Energy-saving feedback device

   NICE3000new integrated elevator controller is a world-leading intelligent control system
that integrates computer, automatic control, network communication, and motor vector
drive technologies:
  ■ Distance-based direct travel ride, N curves generated automatically
  ■ Group control algorithm of less than eight elevators based on the fuzzy control .
  ■ Multi-CPU redundancy control and integration of advanced CANbus, Modbus, and
Internet of Things communication technologies
 ■ Built-in real-time clock, which provides time-based services, facilitating intelligent floor
service management
 ■ Flexible emergency rescue running scheme
 ■ Automatic identification running of short floor
 ■ Unintended car movement protection (UCMP) and braking force detection function

  ■ Multiple security protections, compliant with the GB7588-2003 standard
  ■ Fault tolerant design of hardware and software; multi-class fault processing;
minimization of accidents including over travel bottom terminal and over travel top
terminal to ensure safe running
  ■ Professional drive manufacturing technology and strong environmental adaptability; full
resistance to power grid fluctuation, dust, high temperature, and thunder.
  ■ Two-chip controlled running and brake, STO function
Package Size: L:50CM  W:25CM  H1.2M



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