Elevator Control Cabinet/MR/AS380

Elevator Control Cabinet/MR/AS380

Product Name:Elevator Control Cabinet/MR/AS380
    AS380 series elevator integrated drive controller is the new generation of state-of-the-art elevator-specific control and drive device. With full consideration of the safety & reliability .

    The voltage grade of AS380 series elevator integrated drive controller is 200V, 400V. AS380
series elevator integrated drive controller is both asynchronous motor and synchronous motor
compatible. The mating motor capacity is 1.1kW~75kW right now. the max floor single elevator
support is 64 floor. The max quantity of elevator group control is up to 8 units.
Technical data:

1.integrated controller communication mode serial/parallel selective.

2.outer singal communication connects with AMP connector/terminal.

3.Max.serial communication:40 floors, 8m/s speed, 8-lift group control.

4.Max.parallel communication:8 floors, 1m/s, single lift. multiple floor display modes are available for your selection.

5.power ranges from 2.2KW to 30KW.

Elevator Control Cabinet

1.Small machine room lift control cabinet

2.Machine room lift control cabinet

3.Standard control cabinet

4.Traction type home lift control cabinet

5.Integrated escalator control cabinet

6.Four-quadart integrated control cabinet

7.Universal box of escalator energy-saving

8.Energy-saving feedback device


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Porducts can be packed in wooden cases and carton box

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