kone motor modernization
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KONE Motor Modernization

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Update time : 2022-11-14 09:24:04
Controller Cabinet 
     The machine room has no special requirements for the control cabinet, and the control cabinet is placed inIn the machine room, the machine room can adopt the non-standard control with the replacement of the bottom plateThe cabinet can be designed according to the site size.The height of the space where components can be placed in the KONE machine roomless control cabinet1500mm , Bottom plate width 370mm ,depth 170mm ,We have investigated a number of on-site control cabinet installation methods for machine roomsIt is the same size as the cabinet.For the transformation of the machine-less room, the floor directly designed by our company can be used forRe-arrangement of the devices for system use NICE3000 new DriveThe sub- and control parts are installed on the bottom plate separately.Body depth is controlled at 150mm Within, keep KONE’s originalPowerful manual release part and observation window.Will be KONE The system is disassembled and installed directly on our bottom plate,The braking resistor box is installed in the hoistway. The original control cabinet is not usedNo need to replace or damage the wall.
Door System 
       Investigating several sites generally uses AMD series motors or DC type for door machines, which cannot be replaced by our door machine. The signal of the relevant door is connected with the on-site door machine by our HCB-B. This board supports front and rear door control. Since our system is active high, we need to convert the light curtain, open the door and close the door in place through HCB-B.
       Disc horse friction wheel structure traction machine Need to replace this part during configuration(Resolver is not used either) because our company NICE3000new Currentlyall PG The card cannot support the voltage of the tachometer, so useABZ Encoder replacement (pulse 1024 ).Currently, Huitong's encoder with code disk structure is directly replaced,Use encoder instead of Tachometer directly, Encoder Type is ABZ encoder, Pluse is 1024. NICE3000new of PG Card to be configured MCTC-PG-D1TypeContent, Need motherboard and driver non-standard support .Motherboard program number: V21.01-F00.00-L02.14 and aboveDriver number: V48.130 and above programNote: This program can only be used for disc horse friction wheel structure.
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