b 2d1104b electric brake releasing power supply device
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B-2D1104B Electric Brake-releasing Power Supply Device

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Update time : 2022-11-16 09:41:14
     MCTC-ERB-A series electrical brake release device.This product is developed and produced by Inovance based on market requirements. It is easy to operate and reliable with performance. It releases the brake to stop the elevator at the expected position when the mains power fails.The MCTC-ERB-A series product includes two types: with battery or without battery. You can select any one of them based on your requirements. Prepare a battery by yourself if you select the one without battery.Before using the product, read this guide carefully to fully understand the product features. This guide describes the specifications, installation dimensions, port types, and functions of the product.
     ■Product FeaturesThis product is applicable to brakes whose strong excitation voltage is not higher than 110 V and maintaining voltage not higher than 80 V.The maximum output current of strong excitation is 4 A.It provides output overload and short circuit protection during brake release as well as battery undervoltage protection. The battery can be provided with the product or be prepared by the user.Power is not consumed when the product is disconnected from the mains power and remains idle. You can determine the status of the brake release device based on indicators.
     ■Product IntroductionThis product is used to release the brake when the mains power fails. When the mains power is normal, the battery is recharged. When the mains power fails, you can press the Start and Common buttons on the operation panel simultaneously to release the brake in the non-door zone and press the Forced and Common buttons simultaneously to release the brake in the door zone.
    ■Installation GuideInstall the device using wall-mounting mounting. The device weighs 3.73 kg, including the battery which weighs 1.69 kg.
    ■Terminal Description
       The terminal marks are can be found in the silkscreen on the upper plate of the device. The following table describes the terminals:
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