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Energy Feedback Units

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       The AFE can be used together with the elevator controllers such as NICE3000new to implement 4-quadrant running of the elevator, and three-phase controllable rectifying and feedback braking of the control system. This improves the input power factor, and reduces the harmonics injected by the control system to the mains power system. It feeds back the energy produced by the elevator during braking to the mains power system, recycling above 95% regenerative electric energy in the prerequisite of effective AFE braking.
       The AFE provides multiple protection functions including overheat, overvoltage, and overcurrent protection, and features low noise, low harmonics pollution, and high power factor. This manual describes the correct use of the AFE, including model selection, safety information and precautions, installation, parameter setting, commissioning, and maintenance & inspection. Read and understand the manual before using the product, and keep it carefully for reference to future maintenance.
       Table 2-1 AFE models and specificationsAFE  
Table 2-2 Technical specifications of the AFE
2.3 Mounting Dimension

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