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Brake Release Device

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1. Advanced PWM control technology manipulates the output voltage more precise.

2. Smart recharging strategy keeps the battery in proper condition and extends battery life.

3. Enable the door zone signals input (Reed Induction Levelling Switch Signal or Infrared Optoelectronic Levelling Switch Signal),to activate the brake and stop the car when the car is in door zone. Passengers can be rescued easily.

4. Enable door inter-lock signal input. Brakes the car when the inter-lock circuit is broken, increases safety.

5. User-friendly and intelligent operations make the installation and application much easier.

6. World class international brand accumulator provides better performance and long-lasting time.

7. This product is a new generation intelligent emergency power device, specially designed for elevator without a machine room, to release the brake when the system loses power.

8. With this, MU_V61 VM3 mainboard can show car sliding direction and speed

 When exists 220VAC, loose brake power will not have a step-up voltage output,
 internal circuit is isolated from the external brake circuit.
Press any buttons on the faceplate will not start boosting output, so it can avoid when 220VAC exists, meanwhile, there have boost output voltage and 220 voltage after rectification together superimposed on the brake coil. In this way, brake coil and loose brake power have damaged danger.
 When  220VAC does not exist, under the premise of ensuring correct external
wiring .
 I): When the green "running lamp" long go out, then need to press the start button, brake release power starting internal circuit work, the green" running light "will flash.
II): Non-door zone position, press the start button and public button at the same time. Brake release power starts booster circuit work, Green "running light" blink and red "boost light" brighten. Brake release power output a excitation voltage 110VDC, brake coil powered and open the brake to make the elevator move. After 2-3 seconds delay,  brake release power output a maintain voltage 75VDC. In this way, it can save the battery’s power dissipation and make output time get longer.
III): When need emergency stop booster output, loosen "start output" button and "output public" button, so brake release power will immediately stop output, contracting brake coil lose electricity, elevator stop moving.
IV): When the layer signal connects right, then start the output and brake coil get power. When the elevator moves to the door position, signal input to the loose brake power device. When leveling signals collected, door zone indicator light is blue and brake release power stop output automatically and immediately. It is convenient for relief workers open the door in the door zone and make the trapped personnel out of the elevator. Elevator doors can’t be open in this layer or other reasons need elevator move to another floor recently, then press "start the output" and "forced out" two buttons at the same time, and in the layer position, loose brake power can continue to boost output, make brake coil get power, open the brake and make the elevator move. When in the door zone position, door zone indicator light is blue and opposite go out. When elevator is in door zone position, "start button" is invalid. When elevator is in non-door zone position, "forced button" is invalid.  When elevator leave door zone position, and it will stop output. Need to press the “start button "and" public button " to restart output.
V)): When the correct access door lock signal, when the door lock disconnect, loose brake power cannot start boost output, the brake coil is unable get electricity, elevator can't move. Only the door clock is closed, it can start boost output. If the door lock disconnect, elevator car door open, there are people in and out of the elevator. At this time, someone start boost output in generator room, elevator move, there will be a lot of safety danger in this circumstance. In elevator accidents, it has a painful lesson. To connect door lock detection signal, is a highlight of this product’s technical window.
VI): Every time after the start output, most to run for 5 minutes. It can prevent button adhesion, device can't stop output. When triggered, if there is no any buttons press, then after 30 seconds it will automatically closed circuit, waiting for the next trigger.
VII): Operation and low pressure alarm light. When circuit is working properly, operation light will blink. Through the operation lamp flickering can observe brake release power is in a state of normal operation.
VIII): When there is the need to start booster output, must press the "start output" and "output public" button at the same time. If in the door zone position, door zone indicator light is blue. So we have to press the "start output" button, and at the same time, press "output public" and "force output button" button to start force output.
4, Door zone signal normally open and normally closed input judgment and choice:
, When the green LED lamp (operation and low pressure alarm light), flash alternately in one second((bright 0.5 seconds, go out 0.5 seconds) and now door zone signal is normally open effective (non-door zone position is disconnected and door zone position is connected ).
,When the green LED lamp (operation and low pressure alarm light), flash alternately in six seconds (bright 3 seconds, go out 3 seconds) and now door zone signal is normally closed effective ((non-door zone position is connected and door zone position is disconnected).
, When both the "start button" and "forced button" are not been pressed, continuously press the "public button" five times in five seconds, then the blue LED light will flash several times, so that we can complete door zone signal normally open or normally closed choice. Through the observation of green LED lamp to distinguish normally open and normally closed signal.

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