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Elevator Speed Governor/OX240B/Two Way

Product Name : Elevator Speed Governor/OX240B/Two Way.


 If the elevator descends with excessive speed, the descending brake will be used to support the general descending safety gear, enable the safety gear, stop the car, playing the role of descending over-speed protection.

 If the elevator ascends with excessive speed, the over-speed switch can be turned off to cut off the power and stop the car. If the car doesn’t stop due to some reason, the wire rope will be pulled to enable the mechanical rope clamp, so as to control the over-speed protection on the elevator car.


Technical : 
Rated speed:≤ 2.5m/s
Wire rope diameter(mm): Φ6,Φ6.3,Φ8
Sheave diameter(mm): Φ240
Tension force:≥1000N
Super switch voltage grade:AC220V
Tension Weight : OX-300(>18KG)
 Downword Control : Safety Gear 

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Porducts can be packed in wooden cases and carton box


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