User Manual for ARD Battery
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User Manual for ARD Battery

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Update time : 2019-08-13 12:09:49
   ARD series elevator emergency devices are maintenance-free products, but as a kind of safety and rescue equipment for elevators, it is suggested that users should also check the following items for emergency devices when they regularly carry out routine maintenance of elevators, so as to ensure that Battery Lift works longer.
1) Battery voltage measurement
Measure the battery once a month whether its output is in the rated working voltage state. When measuring,Keep Switch in the OFF position at the front of door panel and then disconnect 3-Phase ac power switch, use the multimeter to measure the each of battery’s output .
See if each battery is higher than or equal to 12V dc, if so ,The emergency device is in good
condition. When the measurement is completed, the main power switch should be turn on firstly Then switch on the ARD .
2) Charger check
Check emergency charger every 3 months. When the emergency device is in normal working
state and the three-phase ac power supply is normal, use a multimeter to measure the battery voltage.
3) Simulate Emergency Operation
The simulated emergency operation of the emergency device is carried out every three months.
The simulated operation is carried out under the normal power supply condition. Firstly, the elevator shall be Out of door zone about half a meter, the Inspection switch shall be placed from
inspection to the normal position, then Cut off the building Power .
ARD will be turn on and leveling and open door . Please doing this test 1 to 2 times then charge the battery 12 hours .Indicates that the emergency device is in good condition.

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