spiderman in the elevator shaft
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Spiderman in the elevator shaft

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Update time : 2022-01-23 10:03:57

Sorching summer,You're probably not the only one feeling like going on strike


And the elevators you probably ride every day


With the continued hot weather


Many elevators have "heatstroke" failures


A small strike


It could be a panic of trapped 


To ensure the safety of the elevator


In the heat, there's this group of people


Carrying dozens of pounds of kit every day


From the top of the elevator engine room to the pit


From the inside to the outside


Carefully check one by one


They stayed for hours in the dark well


An elevator inspection down, the whole body can be soaked


Recently, Xiaobian follow


Elevator maintenance member Zhu Zongjie arrived at the maintenance line


Record their persistence in the heat


At 2:00 p.m. on the 7th


Ground temperature exceeds 40℃


On the top floor of an enterprise office building on Zhongdian Avenue


Xiao Bian saw Zhu Zongjie is maintenance work


After confirming that no one was in the car


Zhu Zongjie skillfully lowered the elevator into position


Then open the elevator door with a mechanical lock


With the hot air in the well


Zhu Zongjie stepped on carefully


The elevator car has been fixed


I saw him bend over


Begin a one-by-one inspection of the relevant equipment


Before long, sweat was running down my face


Clothes become darker in color


After installation and debugging


Without stopping for a moment, Xiaobian followed Zhu Zongjie again


Came to located in the Bo Lianong Mall on the east side of the commercial building


After understanding the situation with the person in charge of the property on the first floor


Zhu Zongjie quickly climbed the stairs to the 6th floor machine room


Open the elevator main cabinet, see the control board


It's full of switches and indicator lights


Zhu Zongjie carefully checked the inside of each switch, line


Confirm that all lines are normal


No contact bad after failure


Zhu Zongjie took the toolbox back to the first floor to view the electricity meter box


"When they pay the overdue electricity bills,


I'll come back when the power's back on."


'This is good,' Mr. Zhu said


Last time it was warmer


He climbed the 17th floor of a residential building twice


Xiao Bian saw that Zhu Zongjie's clothes were all wet with sweat at this time


"He explained, wiping the sweat from his brow


Car door lock, steel wire rope, safety pliers, bearings, elevator buttons, etc


Every device and component is the object of maintenance


Even if it is hot, they must dress according to the rules.


Wear a helmet or you risk injury


In an interview with


Xiaobian found that there was more than heat in the elevator shaft


The air smelled of dust and motor oil

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