Panoramic Elevators, Panoramic Lifts, Glass Lifts
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Panoramic Elevators, Panoramic Lifts, Glass Lifts

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Update time : 2021-04-12 09:52:18

     Panoramic glass is mostly preferred for business centers, shopping malls, entertainment centers, hotels restaurants, grand subways and train stations.

They have varied carrying capacities from 4 persons to 21 persons.

Because of glass walls they offer great visual pleasure to their users. And also by the reason that the person/persons may see the outside of the elevator cabin as traveling, they are more relaxing if comparing with the others and they are restful for the persons who have fear of elevators. 

Another feature of panoramic lifts is the ability of being mounted both outside and inside the construction. Therefore this ability creates another advantage for usage space inside the construction.

As considering posture of construction, the models of panoramic elevators may be of structure in round, square, triangular etc. 

Important! Panoramic Elevators should be overhauled by periodical and general elevator maintenances that authorized elevator maintenance firms make.  

Human life is more important and valuable than anything else.

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