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Outdoor Escalator & Elevator

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       Panoramic elevator powered by an electric motor, equipped with a box - like pod for multistorey buildings to passenger or carry goods. All the sidewall and car wall are transparent materials. Passengers can watch the scenery outside the car when they take the elevator. A fixed lifting equipment serving the floor. It is mainly installed in hotels, shopping malls and high-rise office buildings.

    Observation elevator is a new variety which integrates the passenger and panoramic functions into a whole.It has been produced with the combination of the peoples further demands.The Passenger can watch the scene outside the building during the up and down process.They can enjoy the cozy feel which has been brought along with the modern equipments.

    Observation elevator has the bright and spacious panoramic sight and exquisite model.It brings about the marvelous and extraordinary charm to the constructions,extends the visual space of the lifts and prolongs the original narrow elevator space.

     Observation elevator fully computerized and modularized variable frequency speed control(VVVF)technology.It merges with the data network system and modularized structure.It utilizes the most efficient self-inspection program to produce the smooth elevator running, accurate leveling with fine effectiveness and flexibility.It adds a smart scenery for the modern metropolis.It is more and more widely applicable for the large-size construction areas such as guesthouse, shopping center, office building, restaurant etc

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