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How To Use An Automatic Walkway

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Update time : 2019-08-05 15:28:50

Use the escalator and the automatic sidewalk correctly

(1) standing in the direction of running, the feet should stand in the safe area of the pedal (that is, the yellow side).

(2) the hand armrest is stable.

(3) don't stop by the escalator to the exit.

(4) children and sick personnel shall be capable of adult a hand or arm on the adult, infants should be hold on.

(5) fasten the shoelace, take the parafoil and other carry goods, take care of the loose clothes and slippers, soft bottom shoes, high heels and so on so as not to be caught.

(6) the pet should be held by the owner on the ladder.

(7) passengers who rely on auxiliary instruments such as abduction, helper frame, wheelchair, and other passengers who use carts and baby cars can not use escalators.

In the escalator or walkway at the entrance of passengers should pay attention to the cascade:

In the escalator or walkway cascade exit, passengers should shun potential rapid step foot movement step, across the board settled in the forefront of the comb plate, to prevent tripping or clamped shoes.

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