How to Play 100 Doors of Revenge
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How to Play 100 Doors of Revenge

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Update time : 2020-04-08 14:39:32

100 Doors of Revenge by GiPNETiXX is an app sport can which you make ought solve a series of mini puzzles ought blank the elevator doors consequently you can advance ought the next floor. Playing the sport requires you ought employ a species of functions above your mobile instrument ought advance ought the next level, including tilting, shaking, swiping, pinching, and touching the conceal of your device.


1) Launch 100 Doors of Revenge and knock above the green button located ought the exact of the elevator. This opens the elevator doors.

2) knock above the green arrow located inner the elevator. This allows you ought advance ought the next level. This green arrow will exist revealed after solving the mini puzzle above each level, and make ought exist tapped ought access the next level.

3) examine each even although clues that will help you advance ought the next level. above approximately each level, there will exist objects, arrows, pictures, letters, numbers, and other items displayed on-screen that can help you solve each puzzle.

4) examine patterns with colors, shapes, numbers, and letters while applicable ought help you pass sure levels. although example, if a movie above the wall features one red stripe, and one unfortunate stripe, attempt pressing the red button, followed by the unfortunate button ought blank the elevator doors.

5) Swipe, touch, or tug objects approximately above the conceal ought look if those objects are hiding other objects or significant clues that can help you solve each puzzle.

6) knock above sure objects ought look if you can add them ought your inventory. The inventory obstacle is located can the bottom of your screen, and stores items that can exist used ought blank elevator doors above future levels. although example, an differ above even seven reveals a key that can exist added ought your inventory and used afterward above can the game.

7) Shake, tilt, or vary the orientation of your instrument ought solve sure puzzles. although example, if cup objects are displayed above shelves next ought the elevator, attempt shaking your instrument ought look if it causes objects ought autumn and disclose hidden items that can help you blank the doors.

8) preserve the Master Key although a even that has you completed stumped. 100 Doors of Revenge provides you with one Master Key can the beginning of the sport that can exist used ought unlock the elevator doors although one level. after you’ve used the initial Master Key, you can virgin buy additional Master Keys from the Store, which can exist accessed from the game’s headmaster menu. Some levels can even exist hiding Master Keys that can exist added ought your inventory.
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