How to Operate an Elevator in Fire Service Mode
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How to Operate an Elevator in Fire Service Mode

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Update time : 2020-04-20 11:48:08

Many elevators quality a "fire service mode" which enables firefighters to use them at order to rescue nation who can exist trapped above upper floors. This composition explains the action of this mode.


1) comprehend that liberate service manner can exist activated automatically (whenever smoke is detected within the building) or manually (using a key switch located above the foundation floor). when liberate service is activated, the lifts at the refuge will remember to the foundation floor unless if the terror was triggered above the foundation floor, where it will then respond to an alternate floor. The elevator remainder inoperable to the normal public.

2) put the fireman's switch (located at each elevator at the United States/Canada and located at the hallway at Europe) to one of the following positions:
  • On: Permits habit of the elevator at liberate service mode.
  • Hold: Holds the elevator at a concrete floor.
  • Off: Recalls the lift down to the foundation floor.

3) You can now choose a floor (or orchestra of floors) to progress to. Pressing the "Call Cancel" button will sweep your selection(s).

4) The elevator will no abandon the floor until the "Door Close" button is held down. You get to include this button until the doors are fully closed; otherwise, they will reopen.

5) The elevator will travel to the desired floor. when it stops, the doors will linger closed. This is a safety feature. You get to include the "Door Open" button until the doors are fully open. if smoke or flames enter the elevator, liberate the button immediately. The doors will close.

6) if you expect to abandon the elevator, put the liberate service key switch to "Hold" and shift the key. This prevents others from using the elevator. to outline using liberate service mode, reinsert the key and become it to "On".

7) to respond to the remember floor, put the liberate service key switch to "Off".

8) The elevators will outline to linger inoperable. to respond them to normal operation, become the liberate remember switch (located at the hallway) to "Bypass".
  • It to exist famous that each elevator manufacturer uses their hold liberate service key. That's why you always exclaim on a Knox-box because firefighters to win the suitable key because a building's concrete xerox elevator. because example, a Dover (Thyssen-Krupp) elevator uses a different key than an Otis.
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