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Update time : 2021-05-09 10:48:57
Beside the quality of the elevator cabin systems Global Partner Elevator have brought some solutions to make the installation of the lift cabin quick and practical.

We knit our art to the elevator cabin

Due to the competition in the global business, reduction of quality perception is observed as a result of decreasing goods prices in the elevator sector as same as in all sectors.

Thus, instead of goods prices to get the quality at an affordable price and quick and practical installation of the lift is a big advantage for the buyer companies. It is important to be one step ahead of your competitors.

Pluggable System Elevator Cabin Walls

Our company which manufactures and modernizes elevator cabins has made a great convenience by using a pluggable system car walls for rear and main entrance which struggles installation companies


Internal Pop-Hinged Elevator Ceiling

It was quite difficult for the users to make any modification through the elevator ceiling. But with a hinged ceiling system, ceiling can be easily opened and after the modification completed it can conveniently be closed.


Elevator Cabin Interior Ventilation

In the elevator cars there are additional ventilation holes at the bottom of the elevator cabin walls to support the powerful ceiling ventilation and create a fresh environment for the users.

Handrail Fixing

Elevator car handrails are fixed to the back of the rear cabin wall. It is capable of being changed or compressed if necessary.

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