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Door Controller

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1.1 Motor insulation check
          When the motor is used for the first time, or reused after storing for a long time, or in a regular checkup, the user must check the insulation of the motor to prevent the poor insulation of the windings of motor from damaging the controller. The motor connection must be divided from the controller during the insulation check. It is recommended to use a 500V Mega-Ohm-Meter to check and the insulation resistance shall not be less than 5MΩ.
1.2  Motor Heat and Noise Since the output voltage of the controller is in PWM wave with some harmonic wave, the temperature may raise, the noise and vibration may increase compared with the controller running at main frequency. 
 1.3 Pressure-sensitive Device or Capacitor at the Output Side of the Controller Because the controller outputs PWM wave, the capacitor used for improving power factor and pressure-sensitive resistor used for lightening-proof shouldn’t be installed at the output side of the controller. Otherwise the controller may have transient over-current and may be damaged.
1.4 Usage out of the Range of Rated Voltage 
       The NICE1000 controller shall not be used out of the specified range of  operation voltage. Otherwise the internal components of the controller may be damaged. If needed, please use corresponding voltage regulation device to change the voltage.  

 1.5 Lightning Strike Protection There are lightning protection devices inside the controller, but the user should install other lightning protection device at the front end of the controller if lightning strike occurs frequently.

1.6 Altitude and De-rating When the altitude is higher than 1000m, the cooling effect of consult is deteriorated because of the rarefaction of air, then it is a necessity to derate the use of controller and please contact our company for detailed technical support in this circumstance.

1.7 Cautions for Scrap of controller The electrolytic capacitors in the main circuits and PCB may explode when they are burned and poisonous gas may be generated when the plastic parts are burned. Please dispose the controller as industrial rubbish.

1.8 About Applicable Motor
      1) The controller is applicable to squirrel-cage Asynchronous motor and AC permanent-magnet Synchronous motor. Please be sure to select the applicable controller according to the Data plate of the motor.
       2) The controller has already been configured with default parameters which is applicable to squirrel-cage Asynchronous motor. To perform the motor parameter identification according to the actual conditions will promote the operation effect. Synchronous motor must carry out parameter tuning.
      3) The output part of controller should not be short. Otherwise the controller may alarm or be damaged. Therefore, before Power-on, we must execute short-circuit-test for new elevator. Please make sure that the controller be cut from the testing parts when the testing is undergoing. 
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