10 Most Amazing Elevators Ever Built
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10 Most Amazing Elevators Ever Built

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Update time : 2019-10-08 15:42:55

 Passenger lift machine room series adopt the high degree mature VVVF control technology applying on the traditional three phase asynchronous motor, through the deceleration on turbine and worm of high degree of accuracy, make every elevator cabin work according to the best running curve, making the passenger feel more comfortable.
  ♦ Excellent Performance

1. Using Traction Machine of compact structure and excellent performance, its reliable running effect and long working life have been approved by long history.
2. Using 32 bit anti-jamming microprocessor to realize real-time control, low fault, good reliability and strong functions.
3. The application of CAN-BUS full serial communication system, reducing the cores of cable, and make it possible that elevators are distributed controlled by multi-microprocessors.
4. High speed controllers and high degree of accuracy sensors work together, catch the exact position of cabin at any time, providing perfect brake curve, make the leveling precision degree within ±3mm.
5. By using VVVF control technology and Gleason tooth synchronous belt door operator system, the elevator runs more stable with high efficiency, lower noise and fault.
♦ Main function

● Computer group control management system

   Elevator group control system is a high-speed network processing neural center. It adopts fuzzy computing method, based on efficient and fast genetic algorithm, calculates the best machine room less elevator operation mode in the building, and selects the best and most timely ladder plan for passengers.

● Intelligent staircase system

Passengers only need to choose the target floor on the keyboard or touch screen before entering the machine room less elevator, and the system will arrange the appropriate elevator for the passengers to reach the designated floor.

A, the drawback of stopping the traditional elevator by layer by layer

B, creating a more orderly environment for the lobby

C, effectively improving the crowding of elevators at work time

● Target layer reservation wizard system

According to different target levels, elevator is allocated optimizes. Even at rush hour, the number of passengers is relatively reduced (compared with the previous generation of the system), allowing passengers to take a leisurely ladder. Multiple elevators are assigned different destination layers, reducing the number of stops and providing more efficient services for passengers.

● Elevator energy regeneration and feedback device

The energy can be reused by up to 25% of the energy consumed by the machine roomless elevator. In particular, the electric energy produced by the motor will be converted into thermal energy and waste when the elevator is loaded in the air or under full load. But the energy regeneration and feedback device of Fuji elevator will be transformed into the normal current corresponding to the power grid through electrical energy, so that these new currents can be applied to other electrical installations of buildings, so as to achieve substantial energy saving effect.

● LED energy saving lighting

The DC driven LED lighting is used as the interior lighting for cars. The power consumption is super low, and the conversion of electro-optical power is close to 100%. Under the same lighting effect, it can save more than 80% compared with the traditional light source.

● Auto lighting in sedan chair

The use of automatic lighting technology in the car fully takes into account the needs of humanization and energy saving and environmental protection. It ensures that the lights are in the state of extinction when no one is in use, and does not consume electric energy. When someone is using, it opens automatically, runs at low cost and saves energy.

● Precise position control system

The advanced sensor can feedback the movement state of the motor rotor with high precision real-time signal, and achieve the accuracy of positioning the car running in the well way to millimeter level, achieving almost no error level. The reliable car displacement memory technology ensures the safe function of the elevator to open the door ahead of time.


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