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Elevator Car & Counterweight Frame

Product Name:Car& Counterweight Frame
The car frame is a steel structure to support lift platform and the door. A safety device is built underneath the frame to instantly grip and stop the elevator if it overspeeds.

For Passenger Elevator   Oil Can (2 PCS)
For different roping 1:1, 2:1   Guide Shoe (4 PCS)
For different capacities from 320kg to 2000kg   Lifting Pulling Rod For Safety Gear (1 PC)
For different dimensions of DBG     Safety Gear (1 PAIR)
Easy Installation    Safety Gear Linkage (1 PAIR)
Standard export package   Safety Gear Switch (1 PC) 

Our car frames are designed using best grade steel and tested for cracks, fractures and load resistance. The fine finish and precision allows you to install these frames without any trouble. Equipped with instantaneous safety features,our elevator car frames are designed for utmost safety of the passengers. You can reach out to our engineers with your specific needs and we will deliver exact solutions. We will also extent professional support during installation and post installation.

Standard counterweight frame includes several assemblies listed as below:

♦Oil can
♦Guide shoe

♦Counterweight frame
♦Lock device
♦Buffer striking end

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