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Trust Bank Project-Sourth Africa
1.Nice 3000+ 15 KW Monarch Controller Matched with New Machine, Machine Room , AC 380V 3PH,1000KG,13 Persons Speed:1.5 M/S.
2.Car Top Box 
3.Pit Box 
4.COP ,Complete set,Model:  Lcd Display ,Floor Number: G,1-16, Surface Mounted.with door open, door close, alarm and phone button, DC24V, international braille.Client's LOGO. COP size:2385mm*210mm*100mm(Depth),Bule Background ,White words,Right one type,1000KG 13 PERSONS,H.S.S Type.
5.LOP Complete Set,LCD Display H.S.S Type,G Floor (up &Key)*1pcs,  Middle Floor (up & Down)*15pcs ,Top Floor (Dn) *1pcs, Surface mounted.Standard Size.NOTE:Bule Background , White words,matched COP, With Client'LOGO.
6.Intercom (5 -Way).
7.Level Sensor
8.Limit Switch
9. Cable  (17/17/17),Travel Cable ,Hoist way,with RST Power Cable, Pit :2957mm,Overhea:4870mm Travelling:55M.
10.Landing Device & Accessories & Door Panel.Shaft size=1910X2234mm,Door size=965x2125mm,Stainless Steel (1.2mm) .with small door Jamb.Center Opening.
11.Car Door Operator & Car Door Panel.Shaft size=1910X2234mm,Door size=965x2100mm,Stainless Steel (1.2mm) .with small door Jamb.                                Center Opening  with Pansonic Door Controller & Door Motor.
12.ARD, Model: 3PH,AC380V,Apollo ,15KW
13.Motor (2:1) PM
14.Light Curtain,AC20V,Weco Brand 
15.Voice Annouciator (Monarch Brand ) 
16.Loading Device ,Installation under the cabin ,4 point.
17.Ropes for Motor .
18.Governor And Ropes .

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