LOP calling elevator control: Swipe card to go into elevator

Access Control System

1.LOP calling elevator control: Swipe card to go into elevator
2 COP calling elevator without floor control: Swipe card and press push button to the desired floor.

Technical Parameters :

1. Input voltage: DC12V~36V
2. Input current: <70mA
3. Input voltage of manual and fire fighting ports: DC12V~24V
4. Output point of car call master control panel: channel 3
5. Features of the output point: switch output
6. Service temperature: -10~60℃, and the humidity of working environment is RH 30% ~ 95% without moisture condensation
7. Storage temperature: -20~70℃
8. Operation time for swiping card: <100ms
9. Communication distance of radiofrequency: <10m
10. Storage of history card-swiping record: maximum 8,000 pcs (circulating storage)
11. Maximum elevator No.: 255
12. Overall dimension: see equipment picture
13. Dimension of location hole: see equipment picture
14. Mean time between faults: >20,000 hours
15. Mean maintenance time: < 0.5
Contact information:

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